4 Benefits of Santa Cruz Commercial Auto Insurance

Those who operate businesses may wonder why they need Santa Cruz Commercial Auto Insurance as a result of a mistaken belief that conventional auto insurance is adequate. Commercial coverage has benefits that are just right for business customers, and the coverage is in force regardless of who drives. Below, business owners can learn several of the benefits of commercial auto insurance.

Set a Higher Coverage Limit

Every day a corporate vehicle is driven, there’s a risk of an accident or injury that may lead to a lawsuit. Attorney’s fees, punitive damages, and medical bills can quickly reach into six-figure territory, which exceeds the limit of most personal auto policies. Thankfully, commercial policies have higher limits to cover multiple vehicles, which makes it an important tool for larger businesses.

Protecting Business Equipment

Many company owners carry equipment and tools from one job site to the next. From hydraulic lifts to catering equipment, these tools make jobs easier. With commercial auto insurance, the company may provide funds to replace important equipment, which is a protection not afforded under personal auto policies.

Protection for Employee Drivers

Business owners wear multiple hats throughout the day, but they can’t be everywhere at the same time. An employee makes a fine stand-in for an owner where daily operations are concerned and, in that capacity, a worker may need to drive a company vehicle. If there’s an accident during the work day, commercial auto coverage can help pay for damages and protect the company from lawsuits.

Fulfillment of Fleet Lease Requirements

Lessors typically require business customers to have Santa Cruz Commercial Auto Insurance. This coverage protects the lessee’s interests in the event of an accident, and it mitigates their risk of loss when damages occur.

Commercial auto coverage offers businesses a variety of protections. The need to cut costs may tempt a business owner to stick with personal auto coverage for business vehicles, but this decision can be costly in a variety of ways. Commercial insurance can help businesses in many ways, and there are options to fit almost any organization. Visit us website or call today for help in choosing the right business policy.

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