Fulfilling Financial Responsibility After Court Action in Chicago, IL

Illinois requires drivers ordered to obtain Sr22 insurance in Chicago to get related certificates to fulfill their financial responsibility.

SR-22 isn’t insurance, but it verifies that the driver has purchased and maintained auto insurance coverage as directed by the Secretary of State’s office. Continue reading to learn why you need SR-22 certification.

Who Needs SR-22?

Unsafe drivers must get Sr22 insurance in Chicago after driver’s license suspensions due to insurance violations, DUI, or being at fault for multiple auto accidents. Once the driver receives their driver’s license reinstatement, they must purchase auto insurance through an insurer and complete forms to get the financial responsibility certificate.

How Long Does the Driver Need SR-22?

Most courts require the offending driver to maintain the SR-22 certification for at least three years after the court order. If the driver moves out of Illinois, they must submit a form to get a waiver from the Secretary of State’s office. Still, they cannot drive in Illinois within the three years they are required to have certification without obtaining it. However, if they don’t move back into the state until after the three years pass, the waiver will apply to their driving record.

Is There an Alternative to SR-22?

Yes, the offending driver can provide the Illinois State Treasurer with a deposit of $70,000 to fulfill their financial responsibility. Other options are to offer a property or surety bond. The Secretary of State’s office must receive documentation and verification from the state treasurer.

SR-22 certification is required for anyone whose driver’s license was suspended for dangerous motoring, DUI, or mandatory insurance violations. Contact Accurate Auto Insurance to set up SR-22 certification.

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