Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace Offering ACA Enrollment Assistance

A Georgia healthcare-related marketplace organization assists Georgia residents with Enhanced Direct Enrollment at the Federal Health Insurance Exchange. It also helps state residents compare insurance options while offering assistance with Affordable Health Care quoting, enrollment and re-enrollment.

Providing Education for Georgia Residents

The Health Care Marketplace organization was created not long after the Affordable Care Act passed in Congress in 2011. Since then, the organization has assisted thousands with enrollment and re-enrollment in ACA plans. The Marketplace’s main focus has been education regarding ACA quoting and enrollment and cost-sharing reduction.

Marketplace Plan Quotes, Enrollment and Re-Enrollment

Enhanced Direct Enrollment through the Health Care Marketplace makes ACA plan enrollment, re-enrollment and quotes easier. Documented enrollment confirmations also take place in real-time. And the Marketplace offers comprehensive, detailed and easy-to-understand information.

Personal Plan Management

Through the Health Care Marketplace, Georgia residents can create personal dashboards. All personally identifiable information remains protected before and after enrollment concludes. The organization provides assistance 365 days per year and offers help with enrollment and application updates for previous plan participants.

The organization does not accept payment. Payment goes to the insurance company or through the dashboard.

Helping Georgia Residents Since 2013

Following the full implementation of ACA state health exchanges in 2013, the Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace has provided assistance with federally facilitated marketplace quotes and enrollment for thousands of residents in Georgia.

The organization also strives to enroll those who fall between 100 percent and 400 percent of the poverty level and provide guidance for residents who do not meet qualification levels.

Call Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace at 404-975-3313 or visit the website at to learn more.

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