Getting into the Chicago Bitcoin Market with Your Credit Card

As a currency, Bitcoin has had an amazing journey over a 10 year period. Initially created as a means of fee-free digital transactions with a built-in digital ledger technology known as blockchain technology, Bitcoin has since morphed into an extremely valuable cryptocurrency and is certainly the most valuable and well-known cryptocurrency in the world. As well known as it is, however, the act of buying and selling Bitcoin has, for a long time, been a bit more complicated than most financial transactions.

There are a number of things needed for investing in Bitcoin. First, you need a Bitcoin “wallet,” usually housed locally or with an. online service, to house your cryptocurrency. Historically, you would buy Bitcoin through a site or app that works as a cryptocurrency exchange, and to an extent, you still technically do that today, but more convenient options have come up in the past few years, allowing you to buy Bitcoin with a credit card or other means. Bitcoin ATMs are conveniently available in most major cities now, and many mainstream online payment platforms are now allowing you to make payments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. While still in its developmental stage, Bitcoin has only risen in value over time, and the more it is used in regular trade transactions, the more valuable it will be to hold on to in the long run.

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