Have You Wondered “Can I Sell My Annuity Payments”?

Millions of people hope every day to be the recipient of a big financial windfall. This can include a lawsuit settlement, a lottery win, or anything that has the promise of a lot of cash. But those things, as great as they are, have some strings attached.

Most of these large sums are paid out in monthly distributions. You get the sum, but you get it over a long period of time, which could mean decades or more. Sometimes, you just can’t wait that long to get your money. So, if you have wondered “can I sell my annuity payments,” the good news is that you can.

Sell Your Annuity

When you search “sell my annuity payments,” you are going to turn up a few results. But there are only a few trustworthy settlement payment companies, with We Pay More Funding at the top of the list.

Selling those payments means cash in your pocket now without having to pay exorbitant fees or having to give up the majority of your payments. It is just a small fee for the convenience of your cash when you want it most.

Don’t Wait

There are more than a few reasons why someone would need their settlement or annuity money quickly. Whatever the case may be, having to wait for those monthly payments can be excruciating. Don’t wait any longer than you need to. Get the majority of the money due to you and get it when you need it the most.

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