Irvine, CA Companies Can Use Wellness Programs to Keep Employees Thriving

Employees are invaluable assets and a tremendous part of your company’s success. This makes encouraging them to function at optimal physical and mental health levels an investment. A good way to start is with corporate employee wellness programs in Irvine, CA.

Developed properly, offering wellness programs can do more than affect productivity and profits. The quality of your wellness initiatives can become recruitment and retention tools. Here are a few things to consider.

Offer Programs That Encourage Employees to Stop Smoking

On average, employees who smoke cigarettes cost employers more than those who do not smoke. Not only must you contend with health issues that nonsmokers do not have, but you must also accommodate time for smoke breaks.

Offering smoking cessation programs can work in your economic best interest.

Provide Classes to Practice Yoga

Many people find yoga and meditation very helpful in relieving stress. You may consider hosting yoga classes in the break or conference room a few days each week. Participating in yoga can be an effective way to deal with tight deadlines. Offering this self-care technique can help your employees focus and perform better.

Make Healthy Lunch Options More Appealing

What makes corporate employee wellness programs at Irvine, CA, companies so engaging is the flexibility of offerings. No matter the company size, all employees have to eat. Why not give your employees healthier lunch and snack options?

Let Us Create Your Company’s Personalized Employee Wellness Program

If you want personal service in providing your employees with practical and accessible wellness programs, come to Burnham Benefits Insurance Services. Our website Website Url is full of proactive strategic solutions for your wellness culture.

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