For Professionals-The Easy Way to Get Financial Help for Cancer Patients

If you work in the medical field or services and you know a cancer patient that could benefit from financial help for cancer patients, there is a company that may be able to help. As, you know, cancer is a devastating disease that tears apart families. The disease is awful and when you burden the family further with financial stress, it can just be more than they can manage.

The Help
Many patients are not aware that they are sitting on a large lump sum of money that they can access. A cancer patient can turn their life insurance policy into financial help for cancer patients. There is no need for them to go without, struggle with their family to meet high treatment costs or be deprived of the time that they have left with their family because everyone must stretch themselves thin to make ends meet.

The Process
The process of tapping into a life insurance policy and getting a loan on the face value is simple. The patient can elect how much of a loan they would like to take against the policy and the loan is paid back with the life insurance policy is paid.  This frees the patient up to not have to struggle with financial burdens and worry. In many cases (up to 90%) there is still money left on the policy after the loan has been repaid for family members.

Spread the Word
If you know a patient that is struggling tell them about Fifth Season Financial, it can be a viable option that will:
*Allow them to improve their quality of life
*Seek alternative treatments
*Spend quality time with loved ones

Everyone deserves the opportunity to have peace of mind and know that they have the money that they need!

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