Shopping for Car Insurance in Ann Arbor, MI After a Premium Increase

When a driver receives tickets for traffic infractions, the automotive insurance company typically raises the premium for the next renewal. Underwriters view these policyholders as higher-risk drivers more likely to cause a collision. Some insurers increase premiums for only one ticket. These individuals may want to shop for other car insurance in Ann Arbor, MI and see whether cheaper options are available.

Severity of Infractions

Not all insurance companies consider one moving violation a significant risk factor. Some traffic infractions are worse risk factors than others, though. Driving at an excessive speed and reckless driving are more likely to cause a serious accident compared with failing to signal or making a U-turn on a quiet city street.

When someone is ticketed for traveling 25 miles per hour higher than the posted limit, view this as very questionable judgment on the part of the driver. Running a red light is viewed as more hazardous than slowing for a stop sign and then rolling through because there is no traffic.

Obtaining Quotes

Anyone receiving a premium increase notice might contact an independent agency and do some shopping. Agents there can provide quotes for car insurance in Ann Arbor, MI from numerous companies. The person may find favorable pricing from insurers with more lenient parameters.

An Important Consideration

It’s essential now, however, to abide by the law and avoid further tickets. Underwriters view multiple citations unfavorably and might even refuse to renew the policy next time.

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