Stock Options in America – A New Way to Elevate a Small Business

Stock options move businesses forward. Discover why they are great for business executives and employees.

They Drive More Employees to a Company

A business is like a professional sports franchise. In order to be a successful business, a recruiter must go out and recruit new, fresh employees who have a specific skillset. For small businesses, the recruitment process is more challenging because there are more players in the corporate world.

Stock options help recruiters level the playing field. A good option will attract viable prospects. It can also help a business forge solid, long-term relationships with valuable employees.

Stock Options Equal Dedicated Employees

In the business world, loyalty matters because it drives success. If staff is not motivated or dedicated, a business will eventually fail.

Stock is an effective form of motivation because it gives employees a reason to work harder. It’s an investment that grows with sales, so when a company is profitable, everyone who has stock options will be profitable too.

Stock Options Are Cost-Effective

Good options for stock can elevate an employee benefits package. In most cities, a basic package with great stock options from a small company can a rival traditional benefits packages by a large corporation.

How to Get Started

There are two types of stock options. You can select incentive stock options or nonqualified plans. Incentive stock options will allow your employees to buy stock at a low price, and nonqualified plans will give you more options from a financial standpoint.

Many businesses that rely on stock options use stock option software. To learn more about stock options software, contact EquityTrack at

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