What Insurance in Hawley PA Providers Are Not Always Clearly Saying About Their Remodeling Coverage

It is assumed that homeowner’s insurance will cover the home in most circumstances. Certainly, a remodeling will not affect the coverage if something was to happen. Unfortunately, this is not always clearly set in stone. There are variables at play that could change the Insurance in Hawley PA. Below are a few things that insurance providers may not be clear on when it comes to coverage during a remodel.

Implied Insurance

The word “implied” should never be part of an Insurance in Hawley PA policy. Everything should be clearly stated, and that goes with a remodeling project. The basic idea is that homeowners covers the home in various conditions and states. A remodel should be included. A remodel places the home under additional risk, perhaps from walls falling down, asbestos exposure, and potential injuries. The homeowner’s insurance should have a specified line for coverage during a remodel.

Subcontractor Insurance and Overlap

The subcontractor will also have their own insurance. But, coverage should not be inclusive. The coverage from the subcontractor will cover the employees working the project. But, it may not always cover every aspect of the project. The homeowner has their own policy while the contractors have their specific coverage. It covers all bases. It is not unheard of for a remodeling project to void a homeowner’s policy, despite coverage from the subcontractor. It goes without saying that all contractors must have coverage. It may invalidate the entire claim.

For example, a contractor makes a mistake on the property or injuries someone on the site. The contractor has no coverage. Assuming the homeowner’s covers the incident, the homeowner makes a claim. Unfortunately, the claim is rejected even though the homeowner’s insurance is supposed to cover remodeling. It is rejected because the contractor was not insured and bonded (as well as licensed).

Homeowner’s insurance is not always all-encompassing, and specific variables may fall between the cracks. Speak with a representative or learn more at website name. The website will cover broad policies in homeowner’s, as well as other insurance types. Contact the team to get more information before tackling an ambitious remodeling effort.

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