Simplifying the Sr-22, Get Assistance in Illinois

Car insurance is very important because, in the event of an accident, it can cover the people involved as well as the vehicles. It all depends on the type of insurance and the terms. It is a legal requirement for all cars on the road to be insured, so drivers should make sure their insurance is current at all times. If your driving record has been affected in some way, you may have heard that you need to get Sr-22 certification. What this means and how to go about it is touched on in this article so that you can find the help you need in Illinois.

What is the Sr-22 and Who Needs It?

This is a form or certification that is given to drivers whose driving record has been affected in a number of ways which are discussed shortly. It is legally required to protect other road users should they be involved in a car accident with a driver without liability insurance.

There are a few cases when this certification is needed. These include:
   * When someone has been driving under the influence or there has been a moving violation that is quite serious in nature.

   * When a driver without the required insurance is found to be at fault in an accident.

   * When a driver is found to have violated traffic laws a number of times in a limited period of time. This can be evidenced by having multiple driving tickets or other traffic violations.

   * If the driver has had their license suspended or revoked.

If this is the case, the driver has to fill out the paperwork with the insurance carrier. It is best to work closely with your agent to make sure that you understand what is needed and fill out the forms accurately.

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