We Can Help You Get Back on the Road Again Legally with SR22 Verification

We all know that Illinois requires every driver of every vehicle to be covered by liability insurance. Minimum limits recently changed, and drivers must now be insured with $20,000 bodily injury per person and $40,000 for everybody involved in the same accident. On top of that, drivers must also be covered by $15,000 for property damage. Illinois is one of a handful of states that also requires drivers to have uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance. So, what’s the fuss about SR22 insurance?

SR22 Doesn’t Apply to Everybody

First of all, SR22 doesn’t apply to all drivers. Secondly, SR22 isn’t even a form of insurance. It’s a document that your insurance company files with the Driver’s Services Division of the Secretary of State. It certifies and acknowledges that you are covered with at least the required minimum liability insurance coverage. Not everybody needs to have SR22 certification, though.

Who Needs SR22 Verification in Illinois?

Just about everybody who has been convicted of a serious driving offense might need to obtain SR22 insurance in Peoria. Such offenses include DUI, driving without insurance, or not paying personal injury or property damages after an accident in which you were at fault. Illinois deems drivers like that to be high-risk drivers, so it wants to confirm that those drivers meet applicable financial responsibility laws.

How Do I Get SR22 Insurance in Peoria?

The best way to obtain SR22 verification is to simply ask for it. You probably know already that it’s going to be needed, so don’t withhold that fact. That can only create more issues with the actual insurance company.

How Long Must I Have SR22 Verification For?

You’ll need to continuously maintain SR22 verification for three years. After that time period passes, you can cancel it. Your premiums might even decrease.

Here at Accurate Auto Insurance, we can help you get your SR22 insurance in Peoria in a matter of minutes. Visit Accurate Auto Insurance at www.accurateautoins.com with your SR22 questions. We want to see you back on the road again legally.

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